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Meet Julian Lloyd Webber
our President

FRMS weekend
at Ilkley 2020

The weekend cannot now take place in April. It has been postponed to the first weekend in October, Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th. Some adjustment to the programme will be necessary but we are pleased to confirm that the live recital by singers from Welsh National Opera will still be included.

Although all bookings have been transferred to the new date it has not been possible to notify all participants individually. Bookings were made directly with the hotel, but the hotel is now closed with administrative staff working from home and unable to access the booking forms. If you know of anyone who may be wondering what the situation is please feel free to make them aware of this.

The hotel is not likely to reopen until the first two weeks of May at the earliest, although government sources now suggest that the lockdown could last until June. When the hotel does reopen it can be contacted by phone on 01943 430001 or email at sales@craiglands.co.uk

Further details will be announced nearer the new date.

Programme and booking forms


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The Federation of Recorded Music Societies (FRMS) can claim to have played its part in developing greater enthusiasm and understanding of recorded classical music over a substantial portion of the past century.

The Federation was formed in 1936 as the National Federation of Gramophone Societies. Although the title has changed to reflect more recent developments, the aims of the movement have remained basically unaltered and the attraction is still present in the 21st century as well over 100 societies continue to meet on a regular basis.



The Federation was formed in 1936 as a voluntary association of societies in the British Isles for the purpose of protecting their interests and furthering their aims. Twenty-three Societies originally affiliated - now the number is well over 100. Our main function is to manage licensing arrangements with Performing Right Society Ltd (PRS) and Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL) for the licences necessary for performing recorded music in public, on terms favourable to our members. The fees are greatly reduced from those normally applied by these organisations for individual licences. A particular benefit of this arrangement is that it is the society itself that is licensed and not the premises. This means that the society is covered for PRS and PPL wherever it chooses to meet.



Each month we highlight below one of the links on our Links Page for your special attention:

There are hundreds of historic Classical music recordings on the Pristine Audio label, and they're all here to purchase as downloads or CDs. Pristine Audio has pioneered revolutionary new restoration techniques, which can be heard to fullest effect on their critically-acclaimed XR- remastered and Ambient Stereo recordings.


Bradford-on-Avon RMS

This society has responded creatively to the lockdown by taking to the airwaves.

John Davies

Another sad announcement: John Davies has died.

Tony Pook

We regret to announce the death recently of Tony Pook.

Coronavirus: Advice to Societies

The earlier advice to societies that they should decide for themselves whether to suspend activities has clearly been overtaken by events, and all societies will by now have suspended their activities. Even when restrictions are eased, however, societies may not find it easy to resume meeting as normal. If any societies have difficulty in this respect, secretaries (or other officers) should feel free to contact the Federation Secretary or any other committee member for advice and possible assistance.


Please note that under the present circumstances there may be some delay before cheques sent to the treasurer can be banked.

Sell Your Unwanted Vinyl

If you have any old vinyl records you want to get rid of, we have found a shop willing to buy them. Please contact George Steele
on 01706 525630 or george@pegasusphoto.co.uk and he will pass on your details to the shop

AGM 2019

Newspaper report and Pictures

Norwich Opera Club

celebrates 50 years in 2020

Another good article on the benefits of vinyl

Watch the great-great-grandson of Liszt playing La Campanella

Lower down on the same page: him playing at age 7

American website with useful technical information on turntables

Please note latest COPYRIGHT information

Opera Links (from a reader)




There is a wide range of resources which societies might find of value.

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