Friends of FRMS
Are you unable to attend meetings of an affiliated Society?
There could be many reasons:
Work commitments;
Lack of transport;
No Society in your area;
Even, regrettably, your local Society has disbanded.

The FRMS Committee is aware that there are a number of people who, for various reasons, are not able to join an affiliated Society but who retain a keen interest in the Federation and its activities. Many of these people maintain contact with the Federation by subscribing to the Bulletin, and the Committee is keen to foster such contacts. So we are offering the opportunity to become Friends of the FRMS.
For an annual payment of only £5.50, as a Friend of the FRMS you will receive not only two issues of the Bulletin but also the Newsletter (normally sent twice a year to affiliated Societies) and advance details of the annual Music Weekend and the AGM. Friends will be welcome to attend the AGM (as observers) and the usual accompanying entertainment. In addition you can also request details of regional events. A further possibility is to be put in touch with other Friends in your area, should you so wish. Who knows, if a few Friends get together they could end up starting another Society!
Friends making occasional visits to Societies will, we are sure, be welcomed in the same way as any other visitors, in accordance with individual Societies’ arrangements for temporary membership.
The annual payment of £5.50 is due in January and will cover the calendar year. If you already subscribe to the Bulletin we will make a suitable adjustment at the next renewal date.

To become a Friend of the FRMS simply fill in the details on the application form (see below) and send it with your payment to the scheme organiser:

Allan Child
12 Highfield Road
DE22 1GZ

The FRMS Committee is keen to publicise the scheme as widely as possible. If you know of others who may be interested please feel free to draw their attention to this page.

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