The Federation of Recorded Music Societies (FRMS) can claim to have played its part in developing greater enthusiasm and understanding of recorded classical music over a substantial portion of the past century.

The Federation was formed in 1936 as the National Federation of Gramophone Societies. Although the title has changed to reflect more recent developments, the aims of the movement have remained basically unaltered and the attraction is still present in the 21st century as well over 100 societies continue to meet on a regular basis.

Recorded Music Societies are an integral but often unsung part of our musical fabric offering appreciation and understanding of music in stimulating and convivial company. The Federation provides such groups with licensing and insurance services and advice for its affiliates about the wider issues of copyright, insurances and other legislation or practices that interest recorded music societies. The Federation also publishes a twice-yearly magazine, the Bulletin, that is full of interesting articles, advice on programme planning, and record and book reviews, plus of course, news and information from around the movement. Societies can also promote their activities on the Federation’s website.

In addition the Federation promotes a wider music community. Interchange of activities, ideas and presenters between societies is achieved by the formation of Regional Groups (with attendant local activities and exchange of presenters), and through day or weekend events organised regionally and nationally.


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