The recent report on the perception of decline in FRMS membership has been studied by the Committee, and we have come to the conclusion that, by our policy of 'waiting to be invited', we have failed to make clear the targets we have set ourselves in the services that we hope to provide for our member societies.

We feel that we do not need to change our role significantly but we do need to make it more obvious what that role is. We have therefore decided to state the basis on which each of our activities is measured in order to judge the success (or otherwise) of our operations.

We invite your observations, both positive and negative, as it is from your opinion, not our own, that we can measure our relative success.

FRMS Strategy

Measure by
Control financial operations of the FRMS Transparent audited accounts showing at least a 'break-even' position
Organise a businesslike, informative and entertaining AGM a. Maintain acceptable financial position and monitor against previous performance
b. Number of societies represented and satisfaction of those attending
Maintain database of affiliates a. Provision of general information as up to date as possible at time of AGM
b. Provision of membership statistics as soon as practicable after declaration by affiliates.
Maintain efficient Secretariat Provision of advice and liaison to Committee and affiliates: Prompt attention and response to enquiries and requests for information
Maintain efficient Treasury service Provision of advice and liaison to Committee and affiliates: Prompt attention and response to enquiries and requests for information
Services to affiliates  
Provision of Performing Right and Phonographic Performance licences and advice on copyright issues a. Provision of licence cover at a competitive cost
b. Publication of Copyright Licensing Fact Sheet
Provision of, and advice on, Public Liability and Equipment Insurances a. Provision of competitive cover
b. Publication of PL and Equipment Insurance Fact Sheets
Support individual societies with advice and information a. Remind Societies of availability of help and advice on matters technical, and organisational, and provide contact within the movement
b. Act as first point of reference for societies experiencing difficulties, provide a prompt response, and work together to try to seek out a solution
Organise an entertaining musical weekend featuring high profile presenters and artists a. Maintain approx financial break-even position.
b. Number of delegates and satisfaction of those attending
c. Number of 'repeat' attendees.
Promotion of FRMS  
Publish information and news
e.g. Bulletin (2 issues), newsletter (2 issues)
and website

a. Maintain approx financial break-even position on Bulletin by generating advertisements and other support
b. Stimulate purchase of Bulletin magazines and monitor total number of copies sold and distributed
c. Stimulate letters and articles from member societies and outside contributors
d. Mantan an innovative approach to regeneration

Publicise the movement through an active website

a. Maintain an attractive and efficient website, promoting the movement, its activities and its individual member societies.
b. Maximise its links with associated bodies

c. Invite ideas from societies and members for improving website

August 2009

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