Opera Links

Below is a series of links provided by one of our readers in the USA

A History of Opera – This New York Times article discusses history and the development of the opera, while referencing a book by Carolyn Abbate and Roger Parker. (account needed)

A History of Opera: The Seductive Power of Song – The Telegraph goes into detail about the beauty of opera, stating that the voice is the element that progresses it. (account needed)

A Timeline of Opera – Oxford gives a detailed timeline of opera history.

Metropolitan Opera – This opera house details important moments in its history.

The Opera: A History – The Met details art history through the years.

Early History & Development of Opera – This site explains opera, its origins and key elements.

Opera Composers – Stanford provides a list of noted opera composers throughout the years.

Opera Pronunciation Guide – It pays to gain an understanding of opera. This site provides pronunciation guides and historical information on the art.

Top 50 Operas – The Guardian profiles the top 50 opera works of all time.

10 Operas You Need to Know – The public radio station offers ten operas that they feel everyone should become familiar with.

100 Best Opera Classics – All Music provides a list of the 100 best operas of all time.

Top 10 Opera Houses – National Geographic magazine travels to Italy, Germany, Argentina, England, Russia and other locations in order to pinpoint the best opera houses in the world.

Opera Houses – This travel and leisure publication details a number of excellent opera houses throughout the world.

Great Opera Houses of the World – Pertinent information about the best opera houses throughout the world.

Development of Opera (PDF) – An in-depth article about the development of opera as well as opera singers.

Biography of Pavarotti – A biography of Luciano Pavarotti, one of the most commercially successful opera singers of all time.

Maria Callas – A biography of Maria Callas, a famous Greek opera singer in the early 1900s.