Public Liability Section

What is the amount of cover? £5,000,000.

Who is covered?
The Federation and its member societies, and whose details have been lodged with the Insurers. The Federation will not include details of any member society that chooses not to pay its contribution.

What is covered?
Legal liability in respect of claims (including costs) arising out of (a) accidental injury to any person (this would include death); (b) accidental loss of or damage to material property and (c) accidental obstruction, trespass or nuisance. Anything done with the intention of causing injury etc would not be included.

What is "material" property?
In general other people's property. Property owned or hired by a society or one of its members or in general in its or his/her custody or control is not included. Societies should make their own arrangements to insure their equipment etc if they so wish.

Are individual members of societies covered?
Yes. Cover is extended to officials, members, leaders, instructors and visitors. This is, of course, in respect of their legal liability - injury to themselves is not directly covered but any injured person can pursue a claim against those he/she believes responsible.

Are there specific exclusions?
Yes. Liability for (a) property deposited in cloakrooms and (b) arising in connection with sponsored events, firework displays, bonfires, barbecues and fetes. A society wishing to hold, for example, a summer barbecue should take out its own cover.

What about motor vehicles?
Liability arising from the use of motor vehicles is in general excluded. Where, for example, societies arrange for members to be given lifts by other members, liability will be covered by normal car insurance provisions.

What is the excess deductible in the event of any claim?

Are there responsibilities?
Yes. If anything happens which is or may be the subject of a claim, notice must be given without unreasonable delay. The police must be informed where appropriate. The usual conditions as to minimising losses and co-operating with the insurers and suchlike apply. If a claim or possible claim arises, seek guidance from the Federation.

What if there is a requirement to produce evidence of cover?
This may sometimes arise. For example a Local Authority may request such evidence if meetings are held on its premises. Where applicable, the Federation's annual Certificate of Affiliation also includes a Certificate of Insurance. This will suffice for most enquirers and has been accepted by many authorities but if in doubt contact the Federation Treasurer who can either get confirmation issued or questions answered by our broker, or else can make a copy of the policy available for inspection and return.

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